Benedictine Community and Anabaptist Ecclesiology

Anabaptism is unique among all ecclesial frames for reference derived from the Reformation in many ways, one of which involves its Catholic roots and specifically Benedictine roots. Unlike Luther the Augustinian, Calvin the lawyer, or Zwingli the Christian humanist, the Anabaptist tradition arose largely in the soil of the Benedictine tradition. This is seen most […]

RedOracle: Postmodern hospitality

My friend Jess have a very insighful and challenging post about what hospitality means. She does it in the context for the Mennonite Church, but it is certainly a concept we should all explore and live. RedOracle: Postmodern hospitality This leads me to think about hospitality…how are we, as individual followers of Christ and together […]

Thin Space: Learning from the Celtic Saints

Thin Space Learning from the Celtic Saints:  a day long learning/sharing experience hosted by Mustard Seed Associates and the Mustard Seed House. When? June 7 Where? Mustard Seed House, Seattle WA Register online The rediscovery of Celtic Christianity has been a delightful revelation for many followers of Christ in recent years. Many Christians are intrigued by […]

Trinity Church Wall Street Consultation

Early this month (March 30 – April 2) I was part of a consultation on the spirituality of young adults hosted by Trinity Church Wall Street. The gathering featured Alt. Worship pioneer Jonny Baker. He is a sort of a non-official bishop of the emerging church in the UK and beyond. Jonny facilitated part of […]