Living Simply with Kids

This comes from the latest MSA Seed Sampler ezine. Living Simply with Kids In certain Christian circles, simplicity is deemed a high virtue of a faithful life. I did an interview with a group of ultra-cool college students who live so simply, they get their food from dumpsters. That’s all very well for single college […]

Mark your calendar: Living Simply with Kids Workshop

  The Revolution Starts at Home: Living Simply with Kids This will the the first in a series of workshops and conversations related to homegrown revolution, alternative living, sustainability, cultural awareness, social justice and other holy mischievous act of resistance and creativity. For those of us trying to live an intentional Christian life kids can […]

Calling 911 for Gabrielito

Gabrielito is my 18 month old son. He was born on Christmas Day 2006. He was born with a respiratory problem and had to be resucitated at the moment of birth and was taken by ambulance to the NICU at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. An unforgetful moment. Last night we had another tense parent episode. […]