Feb. 27 Conversation with Mark Van Steenwyk in Seattle

  Join us at the Mustard Seed House for an evening of conversation with Missio Dei’s communitarian Mark Van Steenwyk and follow Mustard Seed House people. Mark Van Steenwyk is a member of Missio Dei (an Anabaptist intentional community anchored on the West Bank of Minneapolis that pursues Jesus’ way of simplicity, prayer, hospitality, and […]

The New Monastics and Mosaic Leadership

A brilliant and truth-filled post by Gabriel Salguero as part of the conversation about New Monastics and Race at God’s Politics blog.  The New Monastics and Mosaic Leadership: Otra Voz by Gabriel Salguero A Historical-Contextual Perspective: This is no small point. Often in the public presentations, books, and conferences of these aforementioned movements, they are […]

New Monasticism and White Privilege

This is a post I wrote for God’s Politics blog as my contribution to the current conversation on Racial Reconciliation Challenge to New Monasticism initiated by Jason and Vonetta Storbakken from Radical Living Community in NYC.  What I wrote may sting a bit, this kind of stuff always do. So I am expecting some heat to […]

Reconciliation’s Challenge for New Monastic Communities (by Jason and Vonetta Storbakken)

Do not miss this insightful and provocative post from my friends Jason and Vonetta Strobakken from Radical Living Community in NYC. This is a first in a series of posts and responses in God’s Politics Blog about the subject of multi-cuttural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic expression in new monasticism. Reconciliation’s Challenge for New Monastic Communities (by Jason and […]