Remembering the Feast of Enmegahbowh, First Native American Episcopal Priest

    Lessons appointed for use on the Feast of Enmagahbowh Enmegahbowh (ca. 1807 – June 12, 1902; from Enami’egaabaw, meaning “He that prays [for his people while] standing”; also known as John Johnson) was the first Native American to be ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Enmegahbowh was an Odawa from Canada who converted to Christianity from Midewiwin. […]

Native American Communities and Insights into Oppression

Kuddos to TheOoze.Tv for their latest video dealing with questions of power, oppression and Christian complicity. I’m glad to see the conversation go beyond sugar-coated issues of spirituality and ecclesial gymnastics.      Andrea describes how native groups and people of color used to organize themselves around common areas of oppression, but that this became […]