Remembering the Feast of Enmegahbowh, First Native American Episcopal Priest

    Lessons appointed for use on the Feast of Enmagahbowh Enmegahbowh (ca. 1807 – June 12, 1902; from Enami’egaabaw, meaning “He that prays [for his people while] standing”; also known as John Johnson) was the first Native American to be ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Enmegahbowh was an Odawa from Canada who converted to Christianity from Midewiwin. […]

Remembering Absalom Jones

                    Absalom Jones (1746 – February 13, 1818), was an African-American abolitionist and clergyman. He was the first African-American priest in the Episcopal Church of the United States and founded a black congregation. He is listed on the Episcopal calendar of saints and blessed under the date of his decease, February 13, in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer as “Absalom Jones, […]