Vocabulary for a New World – Eco-Communalism

At its core, eco-communalism holds a mindfulness (almost reverence) for sustainable development, a belief in human goodness, which often manifests itself through conflict resolution or multiculturalism. Also apparent is a longing for society to advance past reckless industrialism towards a more localized, environmentally palatable system. Eco-communalism is often associated with eco-socialism, which emphasizes a movement away from capitalism and toward a […]

The Common Root launched!

Via Jesus Manifesto Last week, thecommonroot.org was launched. The Common Root is a network for communities committed to Jesus’ radical way of shalom. This network used to be called “Submergent,” but we changed the name for a couple reasons. First, folks kept assuming that we were a sub-group of Emergent for Anabaptists. Secondly, the name […]

Holy Cooperation!

I’m excited to share a brief description of a book that I have been really looking forward to it’s publication.  This book is written by my friend Andrew McLeod whom is not only an expert on co-ops but he is also a practitioner. It will be published by Wipf & Stock as part of their […]