Meet the Parish Collective

My friends Paul Sparks, Dwight Freisen and Tim Soerens have been busy cultivating a new community of practitioners called the Parish Collective. Parish Collective (PC) will be hosting a series of events (hosted conversations, presentations, community building opportunities) coming in the month of June. Stay tuned for more info. More about PC : Parish Collective: […]

Pentecost Seattle May 16, 2009

Pentecost Seattle In May, Evangelical, Emerging Church, Catholic, and Mainline Christians together with those who are spiritually inclined but unrelated to any Christian community will gather in Seattle. Our gathering theme is “Faith and Justice in the 21st Century. The context is the needs of our neighborhoods and cities in a time of economic recession […]

Snapping the strings – chains of oppression re-visited

Whenever a movement happens and whites happen to dominate it, that means purposeful, intentional exclusion of others — every time! It couldn’t be that minorities simply weren’t interested, could it? No! We know that those racist bigots — erm, I mean our brothers and sisters in Christ — are out there, burning crosses in their […]

Recession, how can communities and churches prepare?

Mustard Seed Associates » Recession is Looming: How Can We Prepare? » Creating the future one mustard seed at a time We at Mustard Seed Associates want to invite you to join this important conversation. Read the summary of the ideas generated by our brainstorming groups and the other articles. Then please feel free to […]