Jan. 18-25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009

From the World Council of Churches: Inspired by the witness of churches from a divided country, Christians throughout the world will be praying “that they may become one in God’s hand” during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009.  The materials for the week of prayer 2009 are rooted in the experience of the […]

Thin Space: Learning from the Celtic Saints

Thin Space Learning from the Celtic Saints:  a day long learning/sharing experience hosted by Mustard Seed Associates and the Mustard Seed House. When? June 7 Where? Mustard Seed House, Seattle WA Register online The rediscovery of Celtic Christianity has been a delightful revelation for many followers of Christ in recent years. Many Christians are intrigued by […]

The New Conspirators – Tuesday Book Review

The New Conspirators : Creating the Future one Mustard Seed at a Time by Tom Sine “In spite the fact that our world is changing at blinding speed and the church is going through some very tough times, God is still at work in ways that aren’t always immediately apparent. For some reason, God seems […]