The Common Root launched!

Via Jesus Manifesto Last week, was launched. The Common Root is a network for communities committed to Jesus’ radical way of shalom. This network used to be called “Submergent,” but we changed the name for a couple reasons. First, folks kept assuming that we were a sub-group of Emergent for Anabaptists. Secondly, the name […]

Benedictine Community and Anabaptist Ecclesiology

Anabaptism is unique among all ecclesial frames for reference derived from the Reformation in many ways, one of which involves its Catholic roots and specifically Benedictine roots. Unlike Luther the Augustinian, Calvin the lawyer, or Zwingli the Christian humanist, the Anabaptist tradition arose largely in the soil of the Benedictine tradition. This is seen most […]

Notes from Submergent Next Steps Gathering

Warning – Very long post ahead After months of planning and many online conversations, 10 rabble rousers got together this past weekend in Philadelphia to dream, dialogue and conspire about the next steps Submergent should take. Many others were invited, but couldn’t make it to the gathering – so no, it was not a secret […]

Everything Must Change & Submergent # 1

I’m over in Goshen, Indiana hanging out with Mark Van Steenwyk and other Submergent conspirators. We are here to participate of the Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Change conference. While Submergent still forming it’s identity, we are here to connect with other emerging anabaptist and those influence by the anabaptist ethos who want to live into the […]