And the packing began

  We began to get busy packing for move to Vancouver, WA where I will be the Curate at St. Luke’s~San Lucas Episcopal Church.  Different from our previous move 2 years ago, this one feels wholesome and right. While sad to move away from the close proximity of the amazing community of friends we’ve cultivated […]

The journey continues

  I am gratitude for the many people who’ve supported me in my journey toward ordination last week. I am grateful for the many years being formed as a pastor through my work at Campamento del Caribe in Puerto Rico. Thank you to those in my discernment groups – you who listened still and deep. […]

the art of making bread

This summer I baked lots of bread. I have this pesky idea that if I am in the process of being ordain as a priest, who will be sharing bread in a sacred manner, then it is important for me to be experience the sacredness of bread from the very act of baking it.   […]

Bookworm :: Thoughts on The Artist Rule: Nurturing your creative soul with Monastic Wisdom

  (Christine Valters Paintner, The Artist’s Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom, 2001, 173 pages.) “… how you do anything is probably how you do everything.” – Richard Rohr Raimundo Panikkar in his book Blessed Simplicity: The Monk as Universal Archetype, describes the monk (be it male or female, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist et cetera) […]