New Season in the Mustard Seed House

Tonight we had our first community dinner night with Dustin and Joy, the new communitarians at Mustard Seed House. After several times together and several times of prayer and discernment, we invited Joy and Dustin to be part in this adventure of living in intentional community. Here is the Afro-Celtic prayer we prayed as way […]

Photos of the Mustard Seed House

The Mustard Seed House (MSH) is an intentional Christian Community in Seattle. I am very fortunate to be one of the original core families and conspirators in this liberated space in which we try to embody God’s Kingdom value as a new kind of family. Here are some photos of some of our gatherings, activities […]

vision to fight global poverty

I met Eugene Cho about 2 years ago at lunch at the Mustard Seed House. What struck me about Eugene was his open and honest approach to ministry and how that tend to affect family life. Recently Eugene and his wife Minhee, began a non-profit/non-religious grassroots humanitarian organization with the vision of joining others to fight extreme global poverty.  […]