Remembering Mev Puleo, Witness of Solidarity

“What does it means to be a Christian- a follower of the way of Jesus- in a world of contradictions and conflicts? What does it means to be on the way of Jesus when I view the worlds poverty from an air-conditioned tour bus?” Mev Puleo (1963-1996), an American photojournalist and young Catholic who actively […]

Feb. 7th – Justice at the Table Workshop

Come to our second “The Revolution Starts at Home” event, Justice at the Table! We will explore together the intricate connections between our faith and the food we eat. We will challenge ourselves and each other to bring our eating and buying practices more in line with our beliefs and draft a “Justice at the […]

Remembering Felipe and Mary Barreda

  Felipe and Mary Barreda were already married for thirty years. They raised six children and had fifteen grandchildren. In the 70’s, the couple joined the Cursillo movement and became leaders of the Basic Ecclesial Community in their hometown, where they lived in service to the poor out of Christian charity.   During those times, it […]

Film Faith and Justice 2008, Seattle

I’ve been invited to participate again in the Film, Faith and Justice Festival. Last year I moderated a panel discussion on immigration issues. This is the 3rd festival that The Other Journal puts together. Each one of them have been provocative and challenging. Some of the issues that will be address this year will be […]

Vocabulary for a New World – Communalism

In many parts of the world, communalism is a modern term that describes a broad range of social movements and social theories which are in some way centered upon the community. Communalism can take the form of communal living or communal property, among others. Communalism is defined as a theory of a society that is divided into several small, independent communes and the state is just […]