Look Mom, I got to interview Dr. Cornel West!

Iconocast Episode 15: Cornel West In this episode, co-hosts Eliacin and Mark speak with one of America’s most celebrated and controversial public intellectuals: Dr. Cornel West.Dr. West is an African American philosopher, author, critic, actor, and civil rights activist. West currently serves as the Class of 1943 University Professor at Princeton University, where he teaches […]

USA crossed our borders first

Actually the first Hispanics to become part of this country (USA) did not do so by migration, but were rather engulfed by the United States in its process of expansion- sometimes by purchase, sometimes by military conquest, and sometimes by single annexation of territories no one was strong enough to defend… Thus in the beginning […]

Feb. 12 – Red Hand Day: A worldwide initiative to stop the use of Child Soldiers

  Children are involved in numerous armed conflicts all over the world. Recent examples are Afghanistan, Angola, Burundi, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, India, Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Indonesia, Liberia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Sudan and Uganda. Armed groups and government […]

Remembering Dom Hélder Camara

  “I love hearing the apostles ask: ‘Lord, teach us how to pray.’ we may sometimes think we’ve learnt how to pray already. All the same, knowing the Lord’s Prayer off by heart isn’t enough. The important thing is to learn to live the prayer the Lord has taught us. “Beginning with ‘Our Father.’ Are […]