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True Spirituality

The Master was asked, “What is Spirituality?”

He said, “Spirituality is that which succeeds in bringing one to Inner Transformation.”

“But if I apply the traditional methods handed down by the Masters, is that not Spirituality?”

“It is not Spirituality if it does not perform its function for you. A blanket is no longer a blanket if it does not keep you warm.”

“So Spirituality does change?”

“People change and needs change. So what was Spirituality once is Spirituality no more. What generally goes under the name of Spirituality is merely the record of past methods.”

Don’t cut the person to fit the coat.

Anthony de Mello

sound bites of life on 2010-03-14

sound bites of life on 2010-03-13

  • @mtoy I’m more interested in your snarky remarks than on the rest of the re-tweets. keep them coming. #
  • Busy day today – Justice at Table workshop and Catie’s Irish dance presentation at Seattle Center. #

sound bites of life on 2010-03-12

  • In Seattle tomorrow March 13 – Justice at the Table Workshop – There still time to register online #
  • @jpowlessx2 oh you overachievers!! #
  • happy I got my posters and postcards from Just Seeds Artist Collective #
  • i’m much interested in the Source of a movement than on the costumes of a movement. #

sound bites of life on 2010-03-11

  • @BowieSnodgrass Nice – where can I read it? #
  • Episcopal Village Mission Event – West – >> I’ll be there paneling, presenting, workshoping who knows #
  • @Argon52 Hola!!! #
  • “Racism is not evil because its victims are good, it is evil because its victims are human.” + Rowan Williams #
  • @SamirSelmanovic @PeterRollins is good but @BowieSnodgrass is awesome. #
  • I’m experiencing social network fatigue at this moment. #
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