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Look Mom, I got to interview Dr. Cornel West!

Iconocast Episode 15: Cornel West

In this episode, co-hosts Eliacin and Mark speak with one of America’s most celebrated and controversial public intellectuals: Dr. Cornel West.Dr. West is an African American philosopher, author, critic, actor, and civil rights activist. West currently serves as the Class of 1943 University Professor at Princeton University, where he teaches in the Center for African American Studies and in the department of Religion. He is the author of a number of books including: Prophesy Deliverance! An Africo-American Revolutionary Christianity, Race Matters, The Future of Race, Democracy Matters, and Hope on a Tightrope.

In the interview, we talk to Dr. West about being disinvited as a keynote to the CCDA conference, his relationship with Barack Obama, the rarity of social movements, the power of love, the difference between charity and justice, and much, much more.

Special thanks to Jarrod McKenna…who stayed up all night in Perth, Australia to be a part of this interview but (due to upsetting technical difficulties with Skype) was unable to participate (listen to the end of the podcast–at around 56:45) to find out more…

Listen here

Mi Viejo, Eliacin Sr.

Felíz día de los padres, viejo! Te extraño mucho.

My father is one of my favorite saints.

New blog coming soon

I’ve been busy obsessing and working a new theme for my blog.  I’ve been blogging for the past 10 years on and off. Some blogs have been better than others. This new season of eliacin.com would be more focus on issues of my journey to Priesthood in the Episcopal Church, liberated spaces, spirituality, alternative living, America Latina, homegrown revolution and photography.

This new theme is heavily graphic which will force me to pick up my camera more often. In 2000-2004 photography saved me from burnout. It gave me a creative outlet to my pressures from religious work, it also get me new sense of “lenses” in which I approached my surroundings. I find now myself in another season in life in which photography would not only give that creative outlet, but it would help me pay more attention to the spaces I find myself in. As an Anglican, I believe in the sacredness of place and physicality. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up my camera as a spiritual disciple that will help become more aware of the Divine around me.

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