And the packing began

  We began to get busy packing for move to Vancouver, WA where I will be the Curate at St. Luke’s~San Lucas Episcopal Church.  Different from our previous move 2 years ago, this one feels wholesome and right. While sad to move away from the close proximity of the amazing community of friends we’ve cultivated […]

The journey continues

  I am gratitude for the many people who’ve supported me in my journey toward ordination last week. I am grateful for the many years being formed as a pastor through my work at Campamento del Caribe in Puerto Rico. Thank you to those in my discernment groups – you who listened still and deep. […]

Not “Clinging to What is No Longer There”.

“…I am aware of the need for constant self-revision and growth, leaving behind the renunciation of yesterday and yet in continuity with all my yesterdays. For to cling to the past is to lose one’s continuity with the past, since this means clinging to what is no longer there.  My ideas are always changing, always […]