I am fascinated by the changes, mischiefs, and decisions that bring people to where they at.

So, when I meet someone new who is not originally from this area I immediately asked to tell me how they ended up here. That questions evokes all sorts of stories infused with excitement, a pinch of adventure but often heavy with grief and longing. Some make their way here (here could really be anywhere) following love, work, or moved by a desire to experience freedom, life on their own terms. For some is a short trip, for others a long and exhausting journey. Either way is one of becoming, in many ways of molting and transformation. Leaving oneself behind to encounter and be transfigure into something new. Hopefully for good.

I guess it has to do with my own sense of displacement having my memories and early stories rooted in Puerto Rico while making a home in the PNW. I long for roots. Yet, I embrace my experience as a translocal Puerto Rican who brinco el charco (jumped the puddle). My move from Puerto Rico to the PNW was mediated by a transformational experience through (really over) water.  My own experience of translocality over water has become a baptismal hermeneutic. Baptism is that translocal event, that places the baptized and the baptized community in a new space where the identity distinctions between the earthly and the heavenly collapse.  Baptism (while it is not jumping the puddle) it traverses the dimensions of time and space, committing the baptized to make possible the creation of portals (by behaviors, habitus, patterns, actions) that possibilize the realm of God on earth as in heaven.