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Mis-quoting my friend Phyllis Tickle (whom is also quoting someone when she says this) it seems that there is some sort of rummage sale (or at least a garage clean up) in my life every five years.
Time’s up. I’m at it again.
Five years ago my family and I moved to Seattle looking for a space to re-kindle our sense of vocation and explore opportunities for more education.
Much have happened since then.
  • I worked at a machine shop.
  • came out from the Anglican closet
  • dig deeper into my cultural roots
  • went from 1 kid to 3
  • discover that balding is unstoppable
  • worked at an Episcopal Cathedral
  • Planted many mustard seeds of hope
  • cultivated an intentional community
  • was embraced by a sense of call / vocation
Among many other wonderful things – last March I was welcomed to the Postulancy in The Episcopal Church. And I recently started a Masters degree program at School for Theology and Ministry at Seattle University.
My life is in transition now and I feel I must pay close attention to those which are close.
There will be some “church” geekiness still, however I’ll be a bit quietier and more discerning on where my energy and attention goes.
See you around.

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