Help Church of the Beloved (Edmonds, WA) Purchase Rosweood Manor

The following comes from our friend Ryan Marsh, Pastor of Church of the Beloved in Edmonds WA.

Church of the Beloved has finally found a home and hub for this adventurous mission that God has been leading us into… where? Rosewood Manor! A 105 year old historic landmark in Edmonds. After only renting for less than a year, Rosewood was forced into a short sale, giving us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase this amazing place of outreach and hospitality. Already we’ve hosted concerts, classes, workshops, meals, films and a community garden, along with our weekly worship and service to the neighborhood. And, as part of our ministry, the rent from the intentional Christian Community that resides in and care-takes for the Manor means that, with the mortgage covered each month, all of our community’s offerings go directly in the work of the mission rather than the building! Talk about sustainable!

Currently we have raised over $17k! Now we only need to raise another $18k for the down payment, BUT we only have 20 more days to do it! Will you mindfully consider helping us meet this goal and sharing this dream by clicking the link below and donating through PayPal? Every size of gift will help us big time!

Donate here.

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