MSA Looking for sponsors for Community, Faith Formation, Celebrations events

Dear Friends,

As many of you know Mustard Seed Associates (MSA) (the organization I work with) is supported by the loving financial contributions of friends and co-conspirators. We are asking you to collaborate with us in supporting some of the upcoming MSA events. Each one of this event incur in expenses that we need to cover one way or another. We would love to not charge for this events or to have a very low registration fee. Here is how you can help.  If you resonate and consider that this events would be of value, We are asking you to consider sponsoring the full or partial cost of the events below.

  • June 26 – The Art of Being in Community | This event will cover the topics of community, heartbreaks and blessings. It is geared to allow people to connect, share and be inspire about living in community, be intentional residential or intentional non-residential communities.
  • September 25 – Every time, Everywhere / Homegrown Spiritual Formation | Taking from the Unschooling idea that education is to be experience everywhere at any all times, we will explore together ideas and practices on how we can develop unstructure ways to engage in Spiritual Formation, every time, everywhere.
  • December 11 – Chanting Down Babylon one Party at a Time: A Jesus Kind of Party | In this Conversation and workshop we will together explore and create ways in which Celebrations and Parties are a way to resist Despair and Oppression and embrace Hope and Joy.

If you want to contribute or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at MSA – or 206-524-2112

You can make the checks to:
Mustard Seed Associates
PO Box 45867
Seattle, WA 98145
Include name of event and the work sponsorship on the check memo.
Thank you very much.

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