Meet the Parish Collective

My friends Paul Sparks, Dwight Freisen and Tim Soerens have been busy cultivating a new community of practitioners called the Parish Collective.

Parish Collective (PC) will be hosting a series of events (hosted conversations, presentations, community building opportunities) coming in the month of June. Stay tuned for more info.

More about PC :

Parish Collective: We are a growing collective of churches, missional groups, faith-based orgs, and community development associations which are rooted in the neighborhood and linked across cities.

In the fall of 2008 a vision emerged from a handful of neighborhood-focused missional churches to unite for the holistic renewal of their city while continuing to grow and multiply locally rooted church expressions.

The Parish Collective is essentially a church network.

For networks to exist two simple realities must be present: nodes and links. The nodes of this network are the individual neighborhood churches and the links are created in both individual and corporate relationship. Each parish church will commit to holding together four common elements that may dramatically change in expression depending on context. These four elements could be imagined as the four walls of a building.

They are:

  • Mission
  • Christian Spirituality
  • Relationship
  • Definable Place

::Benefits of the Parish Collective:

  • Celebrating, encouraging, and supporting one another through shared Kingdom stories from all over Seattle
  • Creating an incubator for new church starts and church planters.
  • Providing a space for friends/sojourners (no church, de-churched, and church alumni) who are interested in neighborhood churches to participate in a more structured and “church-like” setting.
  • Leveraging the collective network to address industries, systems, and issues in need of renewal in Seattle.

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