sound bites of life on 2010-03-04

  • Hey @MikeStavlund @moffou42 @mcroghan – My boy @Argon52 is in ur city & would love 2 hang w/ local people. DG is like me, but “awesomer” #
  • Dear Tiffinita and “GG” those are fantastic news. #
  • Beta God? (via @trippfuller) #
  • Note to self: It is easier 2 reflect & ponder in the potentiality of the Kingdom of God than 2 engage in the actuality of the Kingdom of God #
  • morning convo with Tom Sine re: Greenbelt UK, now Iconocasting with @jesusmanifesto #
  • The Iconcast Episode 1 – An Interview with Nekeisha Alexis-Baker (aka, Who Would Jesus Subvert). | the Jesus Manifesto #
  • Iconocasting with @jesusmanifesto interviewing Ched Myers in a few minutes – Send me your questions to Ched. #
  • Goldfinch Play The Round #58 » Sound On The Sound – A Seattle Music Blog #
  • Good time interviewing Ched Myers for the Iconocast @jesusmanifesto podcast – He agreed to have a second convo as we have much more to talk #
  • @mattrees I’m planning my trip to Greenbelt in order to connect, what work with you before or after Greenbelt. #

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