sound bites of life on 2009-09-25

  • Community breakfast and gardening morning at The Mustard Seed House. #
  • RT @likewise_books: Check out latest Likewise Notebook enewsletter (It’s all abt “Everyday Justice”): // Great book! #
  • RT @DavidDark “To pretend to situate God on our side, against others, is quite simply a blasphemy.” Raimon Panikkar #
  • RT @zizekspeaks What really dies on the cross? Not the earthly representative of God, but God himself. #
  • Hey you hipster author! (whom I wanna be) Are you ‘smarter’ in print or in person? (via @praxishabitus) #
  • @jaybakker check out Banco Popular – you can do bilingual transactions. Deposits in Spanish & withdraws en Ingles. #

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