sound bites of life on 2009-09-24

  • #FREE #eBOOK! Ivan Illich’s THE #CHURCH, CHANGE AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (via @ERBks) > certainly a must read! #
  • Pondering on how fast one could go from new monastic to new pharisaical. #
  • Why I Stopped Serving the Poor, by Claudio Oliver >> Very insightful. Well said Claudio. #
  • RT @VivirLatino Meanwhile in Honduras : President Zelaya Kind of Returns & Micheletti Goes into Dictator Mode #
  • can you spare a Spotify invite for a brother? #
  • interesting defense of pirates (and orthodox heretics) by @peterollins – Thanks to @mcroghan for pointing it out. #
  • In Seattle – Tom and Christine Sine are looking for a volunteer admin assist. person – Do you know of anyone? #
  • Coming soon from @MSA – Turbulent Times Ready or Not! A Creative Response Manual for Missional Communities 2010-2020 #
  • RT @nurya Jesus only saves me personally when Jesus is saving the WORLD. #bftj09 #
  • for a person who does not eat eggs, I made very delicious scramble eggs according to Catie. #
  • @darrinreeves @mattrees re: Spotify- thanks but unfortunately it does not work here yet. #
  • @praxishabitus can I go with you? #

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