sound bites of life on 2009-09-21

  • Lots of runny noses in the family. I’ll next to catch the family cold. #
  • Remembering the Feast of Saint Matthew, Evangelist #
  • I’m @cloudcitycoffee working on a write up of visited communities. To the beat of iTunes Genius Alt & Punk Mix 2 #
  • Hey Seattle & friends: Wanna know more about NW wilderness? Don’t miss the Camano Is. Free Botanical Tour Sat. Sept. 26 #
  • @nurya enjoy. wishing I was there with you and Phyllis. I get to see her in Nov. When am I seeing you around Seattle? #
  • New intentional community in Seattle looking for 2 community member. DM if you are interested. #
  • No food at the house so… I’m having a delicious bbq pull pork @cloudcitycoffee I’ll be here a bit longer – so stop by and say hi. #
  • RT @nurya St Gregory of Nyssa (San Fran) is the first hyphenated church, founded 1970 #BFTJ09 #
  • Just got in the mail @julieclawson book Everyday Justice. Looking forward start to read it tonight. #

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