sound bites of life on 2009-09-18

  • @lacinylanne make sure to include Seattle in your itinerary. #
  • What would you like to be known for? #
  • acá en Seattle, tomandome un cafecito con Alfredo, conversando sobre iglesia multi-cultural #
  • RT@jeremydelrio God’s kingdom on earth: not absence of struggle, but courage, energy, faithfulness & creativity 2 endure & overcome struggle #
  • @roshidoshi Jesus is not into coffee. Now, a stout or scotch is quite to his liking. #
  • Wanna know more about Nature in the NW- Join us in the Camano Island Botanical tour on Sat. Sept. 26 #
  • “it doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine.” #
  • Forwarding all my inbox spam to Tim Mathis – he loves getting surprises. #
  • Mustard Seed Associates September Prayer Update #
  • Pick up again The Orthodox Heretic #

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