sound bites of life on 2009-09-16

  • Good afternoon with fellow friends dreaming and thinking about multi-cultural church planting. #
  • We are having homemade veggie pizzas with the amazing @aprilcaballero #
  • We are having
    Homemade veggie pizza with the amazing @aprilccaballero #
  • @makeesha Ricci is hooked on Warehouse 13 and Eureka. #
  • Gutierrez: talking on the Pres he voted for, how Pres promised to help undocumented now he is denying them health care (via @VivirLatino) #
  • Remembering the Feast of Ninian Bishop in Galloway #
  • RT @praxishabitus: See this map >> The World According to Americans #
  • @spiritfarmer that’s a pretty good book. Hope you enjoy it. Let’s meet up soon. #
  • RT @COTApostles “Oh Lord make speed to save us.” Vespers tonight at 6pm. Any prayer requests? #
  • I’m really looking forward to this book The Boundary-Breaking God – endorse by J. Moltmann and many others. #

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