sound bites of life on 2009-09-14

  • Service starting @COTApostles – barefooted because my flipflops broke. #
  • I’m @COTApostles Theology Pub exploring Anglicanism. I’m still going barefooted- practicing a vow of poverty while drinking Hornsby’s. #
  • Good to be back for community morning prayers. #
  • I’m looking fwd to the annual Film, Faith an Justice event in Seattle Oct. 15-17 - #
  • @patl once you get back let’s get together. #
  • @mattrees thanks for following – hope everything his well with you at the other side of the pond. How are things at hOME? #
  • @jrdkirk I’m glad to have met you and hanged out with you. Hope you are rested. #
  • Google Reader said that if that I don’t read the 3,546,204 unread items, it will come over to me in the night & give me an atomic wedgie. #
  • @timsoerens not what you are looking – but you might want to take a look at their office are in Everett. #
  • Happy afternoon – got good news from fellow communitarians + good chat with @markvans #
  • I feel the presence of God as I just reached 777 facebook friends. #

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