sound bites of life on 2009-09-11

  • The day has come to an end. Good full of great conversations, deep listening and of course conversing with #Moltmann. #
  • Remember the other September 11 – Chile 1973. #
  • Morning session with #Moltmann – I’m not only enjoying his theological content but how sensible and present he is as a person #
  • A congregation without disabled people accepted into the life of the church is a disabled church #moltmann (via @trippfuller) #
  • “the imago dei concept speaks to a relationship not a qualification, a relationship which cannot be destroyed” #moltmann #
  • The German church hasn’t struggled with sexuality because the church is centered in the Gospel not sex. #moltmann (via @trippfuller) #
  • At the Lord’s table we do not celebrate our theories of the Lord’s presence, but his presence. #moltmann #

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