sound bites of life on 2009-09-02

  • Enjoying a nice stout at Third Place Pub while conspiring Holy experiments. A very new monastic experience. #
  • Remembering the Feast of the Martyrs of New Guinea #
  • Let’s celebrate Organic Harvest Month #
  • “Connective leaders prefer the politics of commonalities to the politics of difference.” Jean Lipman-Blumen #
  • @Sojourners I’ve been using The Peoples’ Bible (NRSV w/ Apocryha) fantastic commentaries from multi-cultural, Race, Gender perspectives #
  • Join the 911 Campaign: Lament Violence, Invest in Peace #
  • BBQ pull pork sandwich @cloudcitycoffee and catching up with notes on cultivating community. #
  • Mennonites do it again! A good document for community living in the reality of conflict – Agreeing and Disagreeing in Love #
  • Couplandisms – Oh yes because I still dig Douglas Coupland’s stuff – #
  • I’m the nerd reading Moltmann in Green Lake Park on what could be the last summer sunny day in Seattle. #

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