sound bites of life on 2009-08-10

  • Do I have great in-laws or what? Thanks to them now I have my own home-brewing equipment. Let’s the brewing begins! #
  • “We cannot enter the struggle as objects in order to later become subjects.” – Paulo Freire #
  • @DavidRamosNYC Brother, enjoy. I did my fair share of eating delicious food from La Patria last month. Let’s chat when you get back. #
  • “It took Jesus a 1000 years to die.” – Christine Sine’s article in the lastest MSA Seed Sampler #
  • Listening to Sara Miles’ yesterday Sermon at Saint Gregory’s of Nyssa #
  • @emergentvillage @DrewRyun which and whose bible do we need to recognize? #
  • @DavidRamosNYC re: conquistador – Ya veo que mucho sufren esos martires por el Señor. #

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