sound bites of life on 2009-08-03

  • Had a long conversation in bed with my youngest this morning, I think he was quoting Freire. #
  • @emergentvillage re:pews,furniture – all you gotta do is go around asking. I got a nice kneeler from a church by just asking. #
  • Getting ready for the week. To the beat of La Muza #
  • @markvans yo! are you back? I hope you brought me a gift from Germany. Shoot me a note for a conversation. Hope you guys are doing well. #
  • I just became a member of the Twub for #moltmann at #
  • Inbox Zero. No piles on desk. Bento Updated. Tasks for today almost completed. All to the beat of Maestra Vida 1 & 2 by Ruben Blades. #

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