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sound bites of life on 2009-08-25

  • Yes, we’ve been graciously given another day to co-create God’s Kingdom. #
  • acá en Seattle escuchando lo nuevo del Sr. Blades – Cantares del Subdesarrollo http://bit.ly/47HYoe #

sound bites of life on 2009-08-24

  • Back pain not letting me sleep tonight. I’m trying to stay distracted by browsing books on the Kindle app for the iPod touch. #
  • Judy bought me coffee this morning. We are @cloudcitycoffee catching up with MSA things. #
  • Book Recommendation: Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges http://bit.ly/Vnuqs #

sound bites of life on 2009-08-23

  • I’m not happy that Greta thinks I waste my time with Twitter. Now I have proven her wrong. I am not waiting my time here. #
  • Great afternoon- pipe, coffee and good convo with Chivo. To be followed by homemade pizzas with the Spencer’s and the Wood’s. #

sound bites of life on 2009-08-22

  • With Alfredo at the Bierstube conspiring about ethnic emerging ministries. #
  • @rainramblings where are you now? #
  • Politics, Virtues, and Struggle: An Interview with Cornel West via The Other Journal http://bit.ly/S5HKQ #
  • nite, nite kids. See you on the other side of the weekend. #
  • Here is my contribution to @christinesine series on Spiritual Practices – http://bit.ly/N4PXP #

Being Quiet as a Spiritual Practice

This is a post inspired by my friend Christine Sine’s Series on Spiritual Practices. In the recent weeks she have had collaborators contribute what they consider spiritual practices. The ideas have gone from sleeping, sex, running, smoking, playing with children, and many others. Read more at Christine’s blog.

So here is my contribution to the series, Being Quiet as Spiritual Practice.

I hope this time of silence was helpful to you.
(Yes, this is a parody.)

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