sound bites of life on 2009-06-27

  • RIP oh ye faithful IPod Touch. #
  • at Cohousing National Conference in Seattle. #
  • 200+ people in the Cohousing Conf. auditorium, I’m one of the 2 % under 40 years old. #cohousingconf09 #
  • listening to an Jan Gudmand-Hoyer, pioneer & grandfather of the cohousing movement. #cohousingconf09 #
  • 1/3 of the populations (5,511,451) of Denmark live in cohousing communities. #
  • rephrased- 1/3 of the population of Denmark (total population 5,511,451) live in cohousing communities – Source #
  • @zaneselvans re:cohosing – the # came from a presentation by Jan Gudmand Hoyer consider the pioneer in cohousing #
  • Morning coffee at 6:30AM. #
  • Elías (4 mo) woke up spitting a bit of blood. Called nurse. Apparently not much to worry about. Taking him to urgent care soon. #
  • Elías is acting his cuteself and decided to take a nap on his mami’s arms. Waiting for 8AM when “urgent” care center open. #
  • Bishop Greg Rickel’s Request of Episcopal Youth: “If this church don’t want your leadership, let me know…” #
  • Elías’ update: Dr. said it was nothing to worry about. Thanks for your good vibes. #
  • at Power & Leadership workshop at 2nd day of Cohousing Conference #

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