sound bites of life on 2009-06-25

  • RT @emergentvillage: just posted: @ChristineSine on “How to Be a Spiritual Person”: #
  • Reflecting on the importance of character. It doesn’t matter how important you make yourself look, w/ no character, you’re building on straw #
  • @DHCOSBY got my note re: Trinitarian Relationship as center? Any thoughts? #
  • @emergentvillage there is a reason the 4th commandment the Sabbath rest, comes before you shall not murder, commit adultery etc… #
  • @markvans we miss you guys too. I’m still thinking of a short trip to MN in the Fall. We have much to talk. #
  • unashamedly to the beat of Sweet Child of Mine, yes that is by vintage GnR #
  • RT @COTApostles Drinks, discussion, community or in other words: Theology Pub. Tonight at the Blue Star Pub in Wallingford. #
  • I’m going tonight to @COTApostles Theology Pub. Tim Mathis is buying tonight. #
  • RT @andrewperriman: Len Sweet and Frank Viola, A Jesus Manifesto: a review: /// a great response from Andrew #
  • reflecting on how messy the human construct of the scripture canon gets when we want to handle it on our own. #
  • I guess it is time to take a forced break from Twitter and FB now that 11 of each 10 updates will be about M. Jackson. #

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