sound bites of life on 2009-06-23

  • Generative conversation with @fremontabbess tonight. Even better with Belgian frites. #
  • It is call intentional community, because it takes lots of purpuseful effort, it does not happen unless you make it happen. #
  • Pray with us at the Mustard Seed House. Most of us in the house get together at 8AM and 9PM for prayers Mon-Fri. #
  • @markvans was there even the courtesy of checkig with you about the name? It is not like the people hijacking the name didn’t know about it #
  • Seriously people, Jon & Kate? I’m surprised by how many tweets of “concern” people I’m seeing. BTW how are your neighbors? #
  • RT @UtneReader Trappist Brews: one beer closer to God #
  • @sustainabletrad there was a lack of collegiality on their part. JM have been going on 4 years, b4 the current cool usege of the word. #

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