sound bites of life on 2009-06-18

  • @otherthan what your compadre and fellow ministry partner did not tell you. There about 4-6 in house in a 4 block radius. #
  • Emotionally tired. My social self needs a break. Skipping community conversation tonight, the MSH peeps understand. Or so I hope. #
  • 2nd day of potty training. Few success’ yesterday. It’s a lot like church planting. It takes patience, it’s messy but worth it. #
  • Remembering the Feast of Bernard Mizeki African Christian missionary and martyr #
  • @missional re:green in support to people of Iran. #
  • Looking forward the Puerto Rico trip, July 6-25. Kids are talking about starting packing already. So much excitement! #
  • updating my contacts & conversations notes, if not my brain would turn to mush. #
  • Yes, that is me bobbing my head to the beat of 80’s music via Pandora while drinking my $1 cup of coffee @cloudcitycoffee and emailing. #
  • heading home to prep food for family picnic with @DHCOSBY at Discovery Park. #

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