sound bites of life on 2009-06-16

  • This afternoon we prayed with our hands, while gardening. #
  • RT @sustainabletrad: It’s time for the church to embrace a whole-life faith: vintage Tom Sine – (a must watch!) #
  • Mustard Seeding. Then coffee with Stacy. PM time of meditation and reflection. Evening Holy Orders Discernment meeting. Full day. #
  • Save the date Aug. 14-16 MSA 18th Celtic Prayer Retreat: Restore the Rhythm | Rebuild the Soul | Renew the Call – #
  • Worth reading – Taking the Eucharist to Denver International Airport at 10pm on a Wednesday – via @sarcasticluther #
  • Great time this last week with a house full of new & old friends, good food & conversations. However, I need some introvert time this PM. #

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