sound bites of life on 2009-06-05

  • listening to Terry LeBlanc & Brian McLaren conversing re: Emerging Church & Indigenous Church #NAIITS #
  • Stopped at the border. Not on the accommodation list. Locked out the dorms building. Feelings like 100* in this room. Good Night! #
  • looking forward the second day at NAIITS #
  • beautiful morning in Langley BC. Great start of the NAIITS event today. Feeling at home among the storytelling, humor and hospitality. #
  • Listening with Richard Twiss speaking about Building community in a Multi-cultural world, 5 mins into it and I’m totally digging it. #NAIITS #
  • @otherthan praying with you. #
  • getting ready to listen to Tom & Christine Sine at NAIITS, and then respond to them from my experience and perspective. #NAIITS #
  • talking with Zack from The Answer Center is Sioux Falls South Dakota. He is doing great grassroots transformational community developement. #
  • Native Communities have the gifts of generosity, hospitality, rituals and tenacity to give the wider church in this time of crisis #NAIITS #
  • Listening to Adrian Jacob plenary session: Church of the Sacred Clowns #NAIITS #
  • One day at a time church – Adrian Jacob #
  • Like a Bar Church – Adrian Jacob names of churches #
  • Divine fool and trickster, human are the creator best and worst creation – Adrian Jacob #NAIITS #
  • @COTApostles will there be a Perichoresis Dance Party? #
  • @emergentvillage not sure about the audio/video from NAIITS but I’ll inquire and let you know. #

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