Mapping the Divine Week


According to the Mustard Seed Alternative Calendar this week is Mapping the Divine Week.

Take a map of your neighborhood/City (you can get this thru Google Maps) And for the extent of this week mark those areas in which you and others in your community and/or neighborhood encounter the Divine . It can be a coffeeshop where people can gather and feel welcome, a homeless shelter where people are provided with a roof and food, a park where you enjoy nature, a hospital, a friends house, beach, church, work place et cetera. Keep the map with you and mark where you encounter the Divine. Keep a record of thoughts, words, poems, images or other things that comes to your mind as you look for God in your neighborhood. 

We invite you to do this with a group, in community. At the end of the week have a potluck party and share with your group where did you find God in your neighborhood this week.  

Leave a comment here at the end of the week I would like to know how was your experience mapping the Divine. 



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