sound bites of life on 2009-05-27

  • now that PR will have 15 minutes of attention due to Judge Sotomayor, let’s be aware that, it’s time to end 111 years of USA colonial rule. #
  • @98103prayers for Ric (Ricci’s dad) health and comfort. For Cheri (Ricci’s mom) for comfort and clarity of spirit. #
  • @DHCOSBY that would be fantastic. Let’s talk about sometime next week, whatcha think? #
  • ploughing my way to sainthood one nasty diaper at a time. #
  • @martyrologist yes cloth diaper! #
  • @VivirLatino Thanks. Good piece this morning. Immigrant, yes. Exiled, for sure. Neurosis due to live in the midst of the empire, no doubt. #
  • yes, cloth diapers will put my sainthood in fast-track. #
  • on my way to hang out with David in the CD. #
  • Anyone unhappy with their Amazon Kindle? Hey I’ll graciously take that load off your back. #
  • Going tomorrow to the Radical Media Convergence in Seattle. Anyone up to join me? #
  • @wbboyd sure man if you offer. I have another project that can use your help. #
  • looking forward yet another meeting/ discernment for Holy Orders tonight. #

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