sound bites of life on 2009-05-21

  • RT @fraying The time it takes for something to go from net meme to appearing on Stewart/Colbert is now down to days. #
  • @cwdaniels oh… I’m looking fwd going to Powell’s on Saturday. Leave a few good books for me. #
  • @98103prayers for Dustin who is having somesort orthodontic surgery today May 21 #
  • Fixing code. Hate fixing code. I won’t blame it on Judy, but she was the one who messed it up. #
  • @wendy_johnson @swancommarachael you 2 have a good time. #
  • Code fixed. It wasn’t Judy whom messed up, but a slightly mistake on my part. Don’t tell her, that way I can guilt her into buying me coffee #
  • RT @JonMcIntosh Don’t click on links in Tweets that say “there is this funny blog going around.” Pass this on & warn your followers. #
  • @DHCOSBY we are in Maple Leaf, a few blocks north from Green Lake #
  • why stop with ordination? Let’s give every one a PhD while we are at it. I’ll take one. #
  • @patl @jonmadison are you guys stopping by MSH first? Time? #
  • @DHCOSBY where are you guys? #
  • @patl what time are we talking about then? 12:00 PM? #
  • Remembering May 21 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development #
  • Kuddos to my friend Mike from – Videogame Technology Helps With Disaster Planning #
  • reflecting on multiple theological intelligences, thanks to Tom Beaudoin #

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