sound bites of life on 2009-05-18

  • Back from Seattle Center, day full of family and kids. Now off to Taize service at Church of the Apostles. #
  • Food, beer and great people after Taize service. #
  • Fun AM at Catie’s sewing class. I even learned a few things using the sewing machine. I’m keeping those stitches in my fingers as souvenirs. #
  • If you missed the First one, do not miss the Second MSA Spirituality of Gardening Workshop May 30 #
  • @Sarcasticluther there are plenty more lovers sending you guys love and good vibes than funny smelling haters. #
  • found out that in spite of having a Confirmation Code Air Trans never confirmed our tickets to PR – What they never watched Seinfeld? #
  • Now that was weird. We bought exactly the same plane tickets we thought we had before, but this time cheaper. FTW! #
  • Watch Interview with Mark Van Steenwyk on Vimeo! #
  • @wbboyd look who’s around?! Yes, a drink please. #

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