sound bites of life on 2009-05-15

  • Thanx for helping me out raising $ for the CCDA conference
  • What are the questions that keep you awake at night? #
  • What are the questions that moves you? #
  • RT @sojourners Jim Wallis: Justice for Vieques: For more than sixty years- the U.S. Navy used the Puerto Rican … #
  • Really looking forward going to the Native American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies Symposium 2009 #
  • RT @fraying How to buy a house: Sell anything valuable, strip naked in front of strangers so they can mock you, pray. #
  • Watch Last Day Dream on Vimeo! > It is very moving. #
  • In Seattle: Join us tomorrow (May 16) in an ecumenical conversation about Faith and Justice at Pentecost Seattle #

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