sound bites of life on 2009-05-12

  • just overheard my 6 yrs old daughter tell my 2 yrs old son ” Mama doesn’t have a penis. She is a girl, she has a vagina.” #
  • RT @zizekspeaks: Philosophy is not a matter of asking “what is true,” but of asking “what do you MEAN when you say, ‘this is true.'” #
  • Raising $ to go to CCDA Conf. Oct. 21-25 – Are you generous enough to help a brother go to the conference? #
  • Help! Thomas the tank engine and his friends are taking over the house. #
  • Looking for articles re: The Other – Especially the encountering God in the Other. When God shows in the face of the unexpected (Samaritan) #
  • To Garden With God Manual: Curated by Christine Sine #
  • Photos from April 25 MSA/MSH Workshop on the Spirituality of Gardening Sign up for the next one in May 30th. #
  • AM: √ Breakfast with family, √ Morning Prayers, √ MSA Meeting PM: Lunch, meeting with Dwight Freisen, Writing Time. #
  • @markvans no me digas, la gripe porcina? #

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