sound bites of life on 2009-05-06

  • @knightopia @miketodd07 I gotta used the power of that button as we speak. I haven’t check the Reader in about 2+ weeks. #
  • Relaxing time to the awesome drum beats of Sacred Rhythms of Cuban Santería. Yes, it is beautiful music! #
  • Tried IPod Touch Skype with Jarrod Mckenna tonight. But only chatted, I need to get me some headphone with a microphone. #
  • RT @patl: @thomasknoll Congrats bro TK! Looks like a great new gig for you of CCO at UserVoice. > Our kid is so big now! #
  • @julieclawson Tempted to read your review of the new evangelicalism, but I’ll wait until I finish the book this weekend. #
  • Breakfast with Becky and Jens. Catie is reading the fairy book she is writing – Tully, The Tulip Fairy. #
  • Word of the day thanks to @soupiset – milquetoast #
  • @brainjuice I would, but the trial version kept crashing with no apparent reason. I’m afraid $20 is too much for a faulty app. #
  • getting passports for the kids. #
  • Looking for cheap plane tickets for a family trip to Puerto Rico in July. #
  • @jonestony it is Phyllis generosity that blows my mind. #
  • Book Recommendation: Witness to Dispossession: The Vocation of a Postmodern Theologian #

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