Join us at Pentecost Seattle – May 16, 2009

Pentecost Seattle: Faith and Justice for the 21st Century

I invite you to a groundbreaking event taking place in Seattle. Coming together across denominations and theological differences, Seattle’s Christians – Evangelical, Emerging Church, Mainline and Catholic – will meet to converse in an open and hopeful way about the most urgent and changing needs of Seattle’s varied neighborhoods. 

Pentecost Seattle: Faith and Justice for the 21st Century will be held at Immanuel Lutheran Church on Saturday, May 16th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

At this family gathering there will be no “experts” or “gurus”, those who attend will be the featured speakers and thinkers. By engaging our collective intelligence and lead by the Spirit we can arrive at ideas to make Seattle’s neighborhoods safer, better and stronger. Currently registered are the Rev. Samuel Berry McKinney, Civil Rights pioneer and Pastor Emeritus of Mount Zion Baptist Church; Dr. Peter G. Heltzel of New York Theological Seminary and Co-Conference Director of Envision: The Gospel, Politics and the Future; and Nate Miles, Seattle Community Activist among many others. We invite you to bring your voice, wisdom and insights about how to engage in faith and justice in a 21st century Seattle.

Musical guests, Jubilee and Jeff Greer will provide live music.

All are invited and are encouraged to register online at

Host church Immanuel Lutheran Church is located at 1215 Thomas Street, Seattle, 98109 near REI and South Lake Union. Directions are available at 

This event have been convened by a diverse group of brothers and sisters from different denominations, para-church organizations and personal backgrounds interested in the common good of the city of Seattle. Mustard Seed Associates is a collaborator.

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