sound bites of life on 2009-04-19

  • Good time at St. Thomas Mass. Now pizza and beer with siblings in-law. #
  • Do any of my epicopalian friends have an extra copy on the BCP in pocket size? I need a smaller copy to take with me in my travels. #
  • re: pocket BCP – I already own the iphone app. But it is not easy to flip “pages” back and forth. Still a good app. #
  • @joshcp thanks. We’ll be outta town next week. But we can coordinate for you to leave with he Sine’s or Cross’s if you find one. Gracias. #
  • Acá en Seattle escuchando a Willie Colón y Hector Lavoe gracias a Radio Universidad UPR. #
  • @breyeschow “pomo” now you are letting everyone know your age. That term is so 2001. #
  • @jonathanbrink only if salvation depends on our theological gymnastics. Then it would not be salvation but a mental exercise. #
  • “como me gusta contemplar tu carita bella…” #

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