sound bites of life on 2009-04-13

  • greek food at the Mustard Seed House for the Easter celebration #
  • Very good time at Mustard Seed House Easter celebration. Now relaxing with an outstanding homebrewed barley wine beer thanks to @joshcp #
  • fish and bread for breakfast? Was Jesus hiding from his disciples all the chocolate he got yesterday at the church egg hunt? FAIL #
  • Seattle Times- Easter, with a passion for plain living and giving #
  • Processing info to the new beat of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs #
  • Reviewby @headsparks of Tom Sine’s book The New Conspirators #
  • @spiritfarmer thanks. #
  • I knew this day would come. But I dread it. The day of organizing contacts, conversations, collaborations, teams, calendar, etc… Painful! #
  • Wanna help a brother make it to the CCDA 2009 conference? Let’s talk. #

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