sound bites of life on 2009-04-01

  • Now, this is an bad headache! #
  • Feeling a bit better thanks to the care and attention of Dr. Catie. #
  • oh… yes that is snow what is falling outside on April 1st in Seattle. And silly people still ask me if I miss the sun of Puerto Rico. #
  • RT @cwdaniels: The Kingdom Call and Practice of Resistance: #
  • Join us in an Easter Journey: A Journey Into God’s Resurrection-Created World- An MSA Easter Celebration Guide #
  • well… I can’t place my ipod touch which serve as my external brain. I’m not freaking out yet. But as soon as I ran out of coffee I will. #
  • @RayLevesque some nights more than others. Elías is an easy going baby though. #
  • My friend Ann H. Redding, walking a path that will be welcomed & embraced by many in the not-so distant future. #
  • Remembering the Feast of Priest John Frederick Denison Maurice, theologian and christian socialist #
  • RT @albaninstitute: CRG posts online booklet: The Networked Congregation: Embracing the Spirit of Experimentation #

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